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Meet Peter Blue

His element is AIR.

Peter is a philosopher and a dreamer.

He has his head in the clouds looking for new ideas to solve big world problems like climate change , extreme weather and plastic pollution.

How can you help Peter?

Meet Riva Du Lac

Her element is FIRE.

Riva’s temper fires up when forests are cut or burnt down, trees die and animals lose their homes.

Riva wants everyone to make friends with a tree. Make friends with a tree today at school or in your neighborhood!

Meet Wanda Shore  

Her element is WATER.

Wanda loves nature and is a natural leader.

She also likes to be admired and to have followers. Even though she can be very bossy, Wanda wants to work with her followers get plastic pollution out of the sea.

Can you help Wanda?

Meet Chu Lee Wong

His element is EARTH.

Chu is a scientist and doesn’t believe in Magic!

He is shy with people he doesn’t know, but makes up for it by being rude to the other children. Even though Chu’s element is Earth, he doesn’t like getting dirty or going on outdoor adventures.

How about you?

Meet Peter Blue and his friends from Spiral Hall