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The Sleeping King cover art was created by Zoe Nikitaki, a visual artist, illustrator, storyteller, writer, and psychodynamic color practitioner & therapist. Zoe lives and creates in Athens, Greece. Her grandmother and all the women of her family were storytellers.  She narrates stories from the written and oral tradition of Greece, as well as stories from other cultures, working in museums, schools, galleries, hospitals, on radio and television, and at festivals and conferences.  Zoe loves fairy tales because she says they’re like birds – only children and the pure of heart can hear them.  

Painting is my life
“From the time I could walk, I remember painting, on any surface, anywhere I could find. Painting was my second nature, but also a vital need.  I paint from my connection with the Source, where all dreams come from. When I paint, the canvas, wood or paper and I cease to exist; I dissolve along with the colors onto the white surface. Perhaps art is prayer. But prayer cannot precede true creation, because there can be no separation when the source is the same ... They can only merge and merge into each other, when they are guided by the same inner truth.”

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Meet the Cover Artist - Zoe Nikitaki